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Raw Machines Data


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Transform IT Transmitter


Raw data is collected from the host machine and transmitted in real time to The Cloud.

This can be * any type of machine that transmits data via a data port (e.g Serial, USB) so long as we are given details of the data specification.


Using the data specification the raw data is translated into a readable form, also in real time.

Examples of machines include:

  • Amusement Machines (in pubs, clubs, arcades, bingo halls casinos etc) for which we have a fully developed application. This works for machines that use the BACTA data specification. We are also looking at providing the same application  to the markets in USA, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Vending Machines, for which we are developing an application for machines that use the European Vending Association (EVA) data specification.
  • Truck Braking systems. We are presently in discussions with a market leader in that sector.
  • Engineering machines and, indeed, we are in active discussions with a leading industry specialist to develop standard applications.


Once the data is translated one of two things happen.

  • If the data is identified as a critical error in the host machine then an SMS message and/or email is sent to the machine owner in real time. This ensures that all machines are maintained and repaired.
  • The rest of the translated data is then converted into Dashboards using a Business Intelligence platform giving on demand, business insights offering dynamic decision making opportunities using the most up to date information. See the example below.


Where we have developed complete applications (e.g. Amusement Machines) then customers can simply buy the Transmitter devices and subscribe to the business intelligence service by a single monthly fee.  The devices can be attached to the host machines very quickly and without specialist engineering skills.  From the moment the machine is switched on the Transmitter will be live.



This would be for customers who have started with an off the shelf product but want extensions or additions to the standard business intelligence dashboards.  We are happy to quote for this service.



For manufacturers or owners of a machine type that we do not currently have an offering we would be delighted to discuss their needs and provide a solution matching the exact customer requirements.  This can include different, personalised server arrangements, databases and Business Intelligence platforms.



The Transform IT Transmitter is attached to Machines via a data port (e.g. Serial / USB).

Power supply required is 5 volts 2 Amps.

The Transmitter can be installed in a couple of minutes and requires no specialist engineering skill.

Once installed as soon as the host machine is switched on the Transmitter is live.

Data is received from the  machines and it is then sent to a Cloud server.

Data can be stored on the Transmitter in an encrypted format when no internet connection is available. Data is then sent to the server as soon as an internet connection is attained.

Machines that allow a two way conversation (both export and import data) can be accommodated.

The Cloud server is designed to scale with the number of clients sending data, which allows for nearly any number of clients to access the service.

Communication between client and server is encrypted in several different ways, including asymmetric-key cryptography and SSL.

The update of Transmitter software versions is automated and requires no engineer input by customers.

Data received by the client is sent unaltered to the server, where it is stored and converted to human-readable form using the data specification standard used for the machine type.

Alerts can be sent via email or SMS messages for error messages emitted by a  machine.

About Us

Transform IT Services Ltd is a start up company having developed the Transform IT Transmitter which can connect to any machine that exports data from a data port.

That data is transmitted in real time to a Cloud database where it is translated and then transformed into reports and dashboards using a business intelligence platform that provides up to date business insights.

All of the R & D and development work has been completed so that the company is ready to go to market.


Paul Boyes, Co Founder and CEO.

Paul has had a career that started initially in Accountancy but changed direction to IT where he retrained in software development with IBM.

His career has covered the areas of Corporate Financial Modelling, relational database design and application building. More recently he has specialised in Business Intelligence

Dr EM, Phd, Co Founder. and CTO.

He has had a long career almost exclusively in IT covering both academic and commercial sectors, mostly at the cutting edge of software development.

He has most recently been involved in major Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects, big data at scale, cloud computing infrastructure migration projects.

Derek Keeble, Consultant.

Derek is an award winning, enthusiastic individual who has spent the majority of his career in IT in the haulage and logistics sector.

He has worked for some of best and most innovative firms in the business, including DSV, Ceva, TNT Logistics and, most recently, at Maritime Transport where he was IT Director.

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